Friday, June 26, 2015

The dining room, part 1

I wish I had thought to get pictures of the first few part of our dining room makeover, but I didn't. The best I can do is show a picture (or 2) from last Christmas..

Our dining room is open to our foyer, which is also open through to the ceiling of the loft..Not my favorite feature of the house by any means, but we will work with what we have.

Step 1 was removing the nasty carpet, and then we sealed the sub floor and walls.

 All of the ceilings in our house are stomped. Whoever came up with this technique has never had to clean a house properly..You all know what happens when you try to take care of dust webs on these ceilings right? MAJOR pet peeve lol.

So, I am knocking that crap down. We are probably going to skip doing a skim coat, mainly because we kind of like the design once the stamps are knocked down.

We will get this done over the weekend, and next week, paint!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Getting my mojo back

It has been a 9 months and 22 days... but, who's counting?

There have been so many changes since I last posted.

I no longer sell through etsy, I'm not able to compete with those stores who have their items made by others, I'm a 1 woman shop and intend to stay that way.

I do still have an eBay store, but only until the remainder of my 1 year contract is completed.

My creations and vintage goods are available through local stores throughout central Ohio, and occasionally my Facebook page.

I have finally found what works for me and my family (for now at least!) and plan to pursue it indefinitely.

We now have 2 boys in college, and our youngest will be a senior next school year..(Where have the years gone?!?! ) and it is now time to revamp our living spaces to reflect that.

We had to have some storm damage repaired this past spring, so we took the opportunity to change the color of our roof shingle and siding, and have more curb appeal projects planned, such as better landscaping and a new porch.

Right now we are working on the dining room, and I will be documenting the transformation here so stay tuned!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sewing is sewing right?

Happy September!!

Can you believe it's September 4th already?? I swear each year goes faster and faster!

I wish I could say I've been so busy sewing things for the shop I haven't had time to post, but the truth is that while I spent several days sewing last week, most of it was a special order..For my son.

I don't generally do clothing. It's not that I can't, in fact I learned to sew by sewing clothing, it's just that I don't enjoy it. I mean I love the satisfaction that comes from having made something that can be worn. but the process? Not so much. I think it has something to do with that whole rules of following a pattern, I don't do rules well. I think it's a tie in with my Bi-polar disorder, or maybe it's just because I have some oppositional defiance thrown in there. Either way, I just generally avoid it.

But this time I couldn't. ok I could have I guess, but I will do just about anything for my boys.
Even sew a shirt.
A period shirt.
As in Renaissance.
From a pattern.

Simple right? Not so much. See, He liked the pattern we found, but he wanted less billowy sleeves, and instead of it gathering at the cuffs, he wanted the sleeves to lace up at the wrist. oh and he didn't want the collar to fold over and have points, he wanted more of a mandarin collar, just not so close together in the front..and the shirt needed to be longer.

All in all, It turned out good, he was happy with it, and he went to the opening weekend of the Ohio Renaissance Faire dressed appropriately!

Oh..and I made this just before his shirt (So, no picture of that, I am respectful of his wish to not have it posted. Sorry!)