Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Pianist's table: A before and after.

One of the things I have the most trouble doing is documenting my projects. Which causes me to not write the post about the project because I have no pictures, which causes me to not blog at all because I don't have anything to show/tell.

I'm going to be better about it.

That being said, I did actually remember to take some pictures of a few of my recent purchases. The first of which was this sad little table with a marble insert that had suffered a break and subsequent unsightly repair.

The repair that had been made was solid, so the insert didn't need to be replaced, just given a facelift. 
Enter our old standby Mod Podge, and some vintage sheet music.

Add a bit of Ink Chalky paint and a poly-acrylic sealant and she is dressed and ready for the curtain to rise!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Make and take..

Tomorrow I am teaching at All Things Old in Johnstown Ohio. We will be making a reversible Library tote. I'm both excited and nervous..but I think it will be a blast :)

I'm really enjoying this new path, I get to do what I love, but still have time to have a family life and make a home. Speaking of, the ceiling scraping is still in progress. I threw my left hip out and the right sacrum-ilea joint was also out of place. Not fun. I'll get back to it later in the week.

I'll leave you all with a slightly outdated pic of the corner of my booth..I'll try to get newer pics tomorrow ;)

Friday, June 26, 2015

The dining room, part 1

I wish I had thought to get pictures of the first few part of our dining room makeover, but I didn't. The best I can do is show a picture (or 2) from last Christmas..

Our dining room is open to our foyer, which is also open through to the ceiling of the loft..Not my favorite feature of the house by any means, but we will work with what we have.

Step 1 was removing the nasty carpet, and then we sealed the sub floor and walls.

 All of the ceilings in our house are stomped. Whoever came up with this technique has never had to clean a house properly..You all know what happens when you try to take care of dust webs on these ceilings right? MAJOR pet peeve lol.

So, I am knocking that crap down. We are probably going to skip doing a skim coat, mainly because we kind of like the design once the stamps are knocked down.

We will get this done over the weekend, and next week, paint!